Anti-aging Skincare Treatments

Aging is a natural process but we dread the signs of aging especially the onset of wrinkles. The plethora of anti-aging skin care products out in the market today shows that we will do almost anything to prevent our true age from showing up on our faces.
The two types of protein that help the skin retain its youthful appearance are elastin and collagen. Together with oil-secreting glands they maintain the softness and supple nature of the skin. A fatty layer under the skin contours our face for that youthful appearance. As we age, the body produces less elastin and collagen and the fatty layer begins to thin out as well. This combination produces dry and sagging skin.

Another factor that contributes to wrinkles is free radicals. Free radicals are formed through a chemical reaction that uses oxygen and releases cellular energy. Free radicals are also called unstable atoms because they have either gained or lost an electron during the chemical process. Free radical production is often triggered by overexposure to the sun’s UV rays as well as tobacco smoking.

Here are some skincare supplements and treatments that can slow down the aging process:

Vitamin Supplements and Diet

Did you know that some vitamins, minerals and enzymes can actually fight the effects of gravity? These substances are called antioxidants. Antioxidants helps slow down skin aging by preventing free radicals from damaging normal cells. They are actually molecules that neutralize free radicals by providing electrons to the unstable atoms. Recent studies indicate that antioxidants not only neutralize free radicals but they can also reverse the damage that these atoms have done.

Minerals and proteins found in dark fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes also have antioxidant properties. Vitamin A, C and E, all help neutralize free radicals. Retinol, a type of Vitamin A, stimulates the regeneration of collagen. Vitamin E is rapidly absorbed into our skin which prevents and repairs cellular damage.
Selenium and copper are minerals that combat wrinkle production. Foods high in these minerals are tuna, salmon, nuts and legumes. Selenium combats aging by neutralizing free radicals and restoring skin elasticity. Copper helps in the building of collagen and elastin. Other foods that help build collagen is soy. Soy also contains isoflavones which are antioxidants.

Topical Treatments

When it comes to anti-aging topical treatments, some products are better than others. Though most topical anti-aging products will plump your skin, natural-based ingredients as opposed to cosmetic treatments are more effective in reducing wrinkles. When looking for topical treatments, be on the lookout for products that contain retinol (Vitamin A), peptides or hydroxyacids. Another ingredient to look out for is witch hazel. Recent studies have shown that witch hazel is anti-inflammatory. This boosts your body’s defense against cellular breakdown.

Sunscreen is Your Friend

Wearing adequate amounts of sunscreen is your best defense against UV rays that are the main cause of premature aging. A broad-spectrum sunscreen that ranges from SPF 25 to 30 that protects against ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation would be the best choice. But you can also choose different variations of sunscreen for your needs. Some sunscreens have skin-strengthening and collagen regenerating properties. Others will contain vitamin E and other antioxidants. For adequate protection, it is important to reapply sunscreen throughout the day.

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