Attend A PSS Medexpo To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Practice

The PSS MedExpo is an excellent opportunity to meet with the specialists and discover the latest and most innovative methods to run a medical practice. PSS World Medical has the experience to personally deliver daily health care answers that improve the health of a medical company. The expo has become one of the most experienced organizations in the medical industry after years of serving thousands of customers. Purchasing a package from the PSS MedExpo Exhibition Hall will provide physicians with the ability to connect with the professionals and sellers to enhance the effectiveness of their practice.

Physicians will discover methods to increase profits, lower expenses and improve the efficiency of their practice at the PSS MedExpo. The expo is also an excellent event to attend classes and meet continuing education requirements. The course options allow physicians to accumulate learning credits in the areas of OSHA compliance, ICD-Diagnosis coding and customer service. Each course is designed to reinforce the clinical success and financial wellness of a physician’s practice.

The PSS Med Expo is managed by Physician Sales & Service Inc. The company was founded in 1983 with the purpose of satisfying the inventory requirements of physicians by offering innovative solutions to their medical needs. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, PSS has become one of the leading carriers of medical materials to doctors. There are 33 PSS service centers providing medical material to 100,000 offices in the United States, the company has streamlined the process of delivering essential medical products to doctors. Physicians can expect to receive their products in a short period of time due to the availability of next day mailing services. The company also has a same day option for urgent medical emergencies.
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