Testing The Vibrations

Vibration testing has been around for some time now and it is used by a wide variety of different companies to test out new products. For example, a car may undergo vibration testing to see just how well the vehicle is going to be able to withstand the bumps and bruises that the normal road is going to bring. You don’t want to have a vehicle that is going to give you the worst ride of your life, so vibration testing helps to eliminate or reduce the amount of vibration you are going to feel to help give you the perfect ride in no time at all. Check it out for yourself today. More info: Vibration Testing

What Will You Learn In A BD LSR II Workshop?

With a few scientific facilities around the world now using BD LSR II flow cytometers, there are several workshops popping up for those who are interested in learning how to use one better.

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility in Switzerland runs various workshops throughout the year, and discusses things like cell sorting experiments, using multi-color analyzers in your experiments, and the type of results you might expect to see, as well as introduces and discusses new fluorophores as they are released by the BD LSR II manufacturer.

To sign up for a workshop, you should contact the FCCF several months before you plan on attending as places are limited and, as you can imagine, they fill up fast.

Ways To Get Nurse Continuing Education

Every licensed nurse in the United States is required to take nursing continuing education courses in order to renew their license. These courses can be taken in a variety of ways. One way to meet continuing education requirements is to go back to college to gain a higher nursing degree. As long as the nurse has completed the required amount of hours for the two-year period, he or she can renew his or her license. Another way to get the hours is to attend conferences offered through a place of employment that state you will get CE hours. This is a great way to get those needed nurse continuing education hours without spending any money. More info: Nurse continuing education

Educational Courses Offered To Nurses

People looking for online information about courses in nursing, might come across programs listed as Nursing CE. The initials of CE do not stand for a particular degree, but rather they stand for continuing education. The nursing industry is one that is constantly growing and changing to accommodate the new technology used in medicine. Nurses can benefit by taking additional classes to keep up on the changes in medicine or to learn a new skill. These programs can also include courses designed to advance a nurses career within a particular area. Some medical facilities will cover the cost of tuition if their nurses choose to take additional courses.

The Well Intervention

A well intervention is also referred to as well work. All a well intervention is is when someone has to work on a well. It does not matter whether it is the person that owns the well, the county, or the state working on a well it is always called a well intervention.
These well interventions will occur when there is something wrong with either the well itself, the particles that are going into the well that causes problems, or the water that is coming out of the well. What happens is that someone no matter who it is has to do some sort of work on the well. More info: Well Intervention