Choosing Appropriate Stair Runners

There are some rugs which are designed to fit in specific areas within the home. The rugs created as stair runners are made in longer lengths with narrower sides. These items are often used to cushion the surface of hardwood stairs or hallways made with hard flooring. The runner used as carpeting for a stairway needs to be attached so it will not move when it is stepped on. These items can be attached to the individual steps using the same carpet nails or staples used for attaching carpeting to floors. The homeowner can attach the carpet to the steps or hire a professional handyman to do it instead.

A runner used for the stairs should be long enough to run the full length of the stairway from top to bottom. If the stairway has a divided section, the carpet can be used to cover the landing in between the two sections of steps. When this is done, the carpet will need to be cut or purchased as two separate sections. People can buy this carpet at retail carpet stores or through some online websites. The carpet used for the steps should be made of a durable material to prevent it from wearing down with use.

The carpeting available as runners will come in various colors ranging from solids to speckled designs and patterns. The color should compliment the room or entry where the staircase is located. Most runners are designed for use on straight staircases rather than on circular ones. More info: Stair runners Annapolis

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