Decorative Styles Of Wall Fountains

There are a number of decorative items people can use to enhance the interior spaces in their homes. Many people choose to place live plants in their homes to bring a touch of nature to the indoors. A room with potted pants can also be accentuated with a decorative fountain. Wall fountains are designed in a different manner than table top fountains. The wall unit is designed to fit flush against the flat surface of the wall. The top and bottom will have slightly extended areas for recycling the water. The water falls from the top of the frame and accumulates in the bottom where it is recycled back to the top by an internal pump.

The fountains made for hanging on walls will come in various sizes and materials. A metal fountain can be made of copper with a textured or hammered back section. The back is the area over which the water cascades as it falls from the top to the bottom. This area is often enhanced with various textures as well as with various objects. When small pebbles or ridges are placed along the back, the water makes a different pattern as it falls from top to bottom.

The fountain can also contain lights to create a special visual effect in the evening. The wall fountains are used to enhance the room by adding a decorative touch to the wall in the same manner as wall art. The continuous flow of water is also used to create a relaxed atmosphere.

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