Dental Sensors Make Imaging Easier

Dentistry continues to improve, apparent in the switch from using film imaging to using digital dental sensors. These imaging sensors are time savers, cost efficient and give better imagery. In addition, the Nationwide Health Information Network has set 2014 as the date that all dentists keep fully digitized records.

Digital sensors come with USB cables and software, which allows the images to go straight to a computer. Sharper, clearer pictures are the result, with no storage demands such as those for film pictures. Often, dental films would be misplaced or misfiled, which meant that someone in the practice would have to spend time looking for them. This is never the case with dental sensors, since they are stored on a computer harddrive. Digital files and pictures can go out for referrals, insurance purposes or anywhere else in a matter of seconds.

Dentists may find it a daunting task to choose the right hardware, once they have decided to convert to digital x-rays. Options for intraoral dental More info: Dental Sensors

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