Garage Door

Newer homes being built now are being built with more electronics than ever before. Homes built around a computerized system have a central monitoring station that allows for many of the homes automated projects. While this may seem very futuristic, it’s not so very far away that all homes will be built with this type of system.

The central monitoring system can be located in any room of the home but is most often installed in the most used room of the home; the kitchen. This is where the family congregates and where guests are usually entertained during parties and get-togethers. The monitoring hub can be intergrated with the alarm system for the home too. This gives the user all pertinent information at the touch of a button and all in one convenient place.

Anything can be wired into this system, from window shades and a garage door that raises and lowers to adjusting the home’s temperature through a thermostat built into the unit. Lights can also be wired into the hub and can be used like a dimmer switch. Even the home’s oven can be set up on this centralized hub if it has electronic controls. All of these accessories can be used remotely with the right application too.

The alarm system that is wired into the hub can give the homeowner options that would not be available with just the touch-pad alarm. The family could see which windows are open at any given time. When an alarm goes off, they can see which room triggered that alarm and also hit a built in panic button. More info: garage door atlanta

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