Getting To Hear Again

My grandmother got to the point where she could not hear well. She had insurance, but it was only minimal coverage for hearing aids. I knew that I had to find some way to get discount hearing aids for her. Fortunately, there were a few options.
Her doctor was the first person I asked about the hearing aids. He said that there were programs that I could apply for to see if she would be eligible for them. They were government programs that asked about income and if you had any type of health coverage. After they found out how much she made, she was not approved.
Another avenue that we went down was going to our local health department. Most health departments help people who might not have the money to get what they need in the form of healthcare. She was given a hearing test free of charge, but they were unable to help her with hearing aids.
I saw an advertisement in our local newspaper about a company needing people to test hearing aids. I signed my grandma up, and she participated in the program. She received another hearing test and a set of hearing aids for free. This has helped her tremendously in her life. She can now hear what I have to say, and she does not talk as loud as she used to. I had to ask several people before I found discount hearing aids for my grandmother, but the work was worth it.
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