Glass Pipes In Today’s Culture

Glass pipes come in many shapes, sizes and varieties. In today’s culture they are sold for smoking tobacco and tobacco products, however, their main use in the privacy of people’s homes is for smoking marijuana. The shops that sell glass pipes have the legal obligation to not mention their main usage so as to skirt federal law. This does not mean that everyone and their aunt does not know what a person walking out of a store with a brand new glass pipe intends to do in the near future. To be fair, there is a small percentage of folks that will smoke tobacco out of their glass pipes, but the vast majority will not.

Glass pipes offer a smoothness of smoke that other types of materials do not. They have grown into a huge money making industry with professional glass blowers and glass blowing collectives making all kinds of glass pipes for marijuana enthusiasts. At your local headshop, you may be able to find everything from small bowls to very exquisite glass pipes that can only be classified as works of art.

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