Have Personalized Matches Made For Your Wedding

At one time, as more and more people stopped smoking or using pipe tobacco, having personalized matches at special events went out of style. Nowadays, though, they’re coming back with a vengeance, as more and more couples choose to have personalized matches created for their wedding.

Buying personalized matches as a small gift for wedding guests is actually a very nice idea. You can have anything printed on them. From a small photograph of the happy couple and a simple message and date, to something more elaborate. If you choose the right size and right paper, you can have just about anything put on them.

Another wonderful thing about personalized matches for a wedding is they are incredibly cheap to make per piece. If you have a wedding with a couple of hundred guests, you have already spent a lot of money on alcohol and food, so you don’t usually want so spend a few hundred dollars more on little gifts for each guest. A small book of matches is a cute keepsake, and it’s useful yet, per piece, you’ll pay only 20-50 cents depending on what you have put on them. That’s a cheap price for a small gift for every person at your wedding.

You can order personalized matches at hundreds of online stores, and they do have thousands of colors, designs and styles available. Spend some time looking before you choose, so you really do end up with matches that show off your personal style and compliment the rest of your wedding meal. Remember too, order from companies that offer free shipping if possible.

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