Lab Testing Covered By Waivers

There are a number of medical facilities which rely on the tests labs provide. People who work in medical labs need to pay attention to the procedures used when performing various tests. A lab needs to be kept sanitary in order to achieve accurate results for the tests conducted. There are tips on non waived lab procedures. A waiver is a certificate indicating the lab is covered for the type of testing it is used for. These certificates allow the lab to perform tests which are usually considered to have very low risk factors.

A lab needs to be compliant in order for the researchers and other medical practitioners to conduct tests. The two most important tips which are often not adhered to in these facilities include following the instructions provided with testing kits and implementing accurate quality control measures. When the instructions are not followed precisely as they are written, the results have the potential for not being accurate. Failure to follow instructions and failure to use quality control can also result in contamination. Contaminated samples cannot be used for testing purposes.

It is also a good idea to check the conditions of a waiver to make sure the testing being conducted is covered. Some tests such as those used for HCG, will have special stipulations. Labs can test for the presence of this hormone in urine samples, but not in serum. Most of the infractions associated with lab tests occur because the researchers have not checked the conditions of their waiver. More info: Tips on non waived lab

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