Options For Preschool

There are many different preschools available for children. A parent will need to do their research to determine which preschool will best fit the child’s needs before choosing the right school for their child.

Montessori Preschool:
A Montessori preschool is a hands on learning environment for the child. A child is offered a set of stations to go through where they will play and interact with the materials and the other children. Montessori preschools believe that a child learns best while exploring and playing through education play time. The Montessori approach is loved by many educators and parents.

Church Preschool Programs:
A church preschool program is an excellent choice for parents that desire for their children to learn in a Christian environment. Many church preschool programs will accept a child regardless of the family’s belief system. A child will be taught about God while they get them ready for Kindergarten. Some church preschools will offer a K-6 program so that a preschool aged child will not have to change schools or make new friends when they begin elementary school.

Public School Preschools:
Head Start is one public school preschool option for low income families. Families that qualify for head Start are not required to pay for the program and most children will be transported by a school bus to the school. Head Start has proven to be very effective for children and offers them a great beginning on their school years.

A parent needs to make sure that they are comfortable with any program that they choose for their child when considering a preschool. More info: preschool Union County

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