Older homes still have slats, wood and paint. Siding did not start being installed onto homes with any regularity until around the mid 1970s. Before that, homeowners would have to perform maintenance fairly frequently on their homes. The paint would have to be touched up yearly, and the whole house repainted when it started to get dull.

Every five years or so, they would have to scrape their homes, take down the shutters and prepare those for repainting. This was a long, arduous project that required a lot of man-hours. The time needed to do this project would take weekends out of the homeowner’s life. Then they would have to do the painting themselves, or spend hundreds of dollars to have a painting company bring in with workers and perform the painting for a fee.

Siding cut down the need for all that maintenance and the cost involved in the upkeep. It takes some time to install but once installed it is good for decades only requiring minimal effort at yearly maintenance. Some siding might need to More info: siding Indianapolis

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