Symptoms Of Autism In Infants And Children

Autism causes atypical chemistry in the brain, which leads to a child or adult having trouble with communication skills and social interactions. As the knowledge about autism grows and the increase in the number of children that are diagnosed rises, many parent worry about what symptoms autism shows. Many symptoms of autism start at infancy around six months of age into early childhood establishing themselves by two to three years of age. Most of these symptoms continue to show their symptoms through the years including into and during adulthood.

During infancy autism signs are usually shown in social settings, infants pay less attention to others, rarely smile and social stimuli do not attract their attention. As toddlers, they prefer to play alone, avoid eye contacts, and have trouble expressing themselves with even straightforward movements such as pointing. An older toddler may have trouble learning verbal communication and difficulty in pretend play. As children get older and can show their disple More info: autism Los Angeles

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