The Different Lake Dredging Techniques

Lake dredging is the removal of sediments on the bottom of the lake. Built up lake sediment can negatively impact the water quality. If the quality is negatively effected, things like swimming, fishing and boating are considered unsafe. This impacts any lake where recreation is a main aspect of the lake’s use. Other reasons for lake dredging are to improve navigation or regain water reservoirs capacity.

Dredging can remove nutrients available to problematic algae. This process can also limit or stop aquatic plant growth in areas that they are not wanted and increase the chance of fish survival in locations that freeze during the winter. Though if dredging is not done properly, the opposite effect will be more likely to be seen.

Dredging can remove sediment from the entire lake or from specific locations. Spot dredging reduces cost as well as limits the environmental impact on the lake’s ecosystem. It is mainly used to clear clogged channels, improve shoreline access and create areas for cool water fis

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