The History Of The Samurai Sword

The earliest incarnation of the Samurai sword we know today can be traced back more than 1,200 years. The first of these swords were a variation of a Chinese made weapon knows as the “chokuto Jian”. It was a straight double-edged sword constructed from a single piece of iron. Sometime around the year 700 arms makers learned how to make iron stronger by heating it to very high temperatures while folding it upon itself many times while adding grains of carbon dust in between the layers of heated metal. Over time the craftsmen of the day modified their approach to weapons making until they developed what we know to day as the modern Japanese Katana.

The secret to the effectiveness of the Samurai sword is in the differential between the hardness of the metal nearest the edge as compared to that which is nearest the back of the blade. The back of the sword is made from metal which is a bit softer than the hardened edge which gives the whole sword a bit of flexibility and preventing it from being too brittle to More info: samurai swords

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