The Importance Of Recurrent Pilot Training

Recurrent pilot training is designed for students or pilot licence holders to refresh and revitalize their flight training. Piloting skills are twofold between textbook studies to prepare for the FAA examinations and learning the flight skills to master the aircraft. Both areas of piloting education are necessary for safe and enjoyable flight from the Private Pilot licence through the ATP rating.

Today’s world is a busy place where student and licensed pilots may be separated from the aviation industry for a few months or a even years. Although you may feel that you have retained your initial pilot training skills, recurrent pilot training is the answer to ensure that you are current with new regulations set forth by the FAA, have a sharp mental acuity to react to an emergency, and have a comprehensive refresher course on the mechanics and maintenance of your aircraft.

Pilots who wish to pursue a higher aviation certificate and/or rating are strongly encouraged to take a recurrent pilot course if he o

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