The Ocean Is Not Our Garbage Can

The oceans are what make our Earth shine. They provide for us a place to go on those hot summer days and views of sunsets that no land can allow for. What if, instead of all those beautiful white sandy beaches, we placed our trash in the water and never had to worry about it again? Thats actually what were doing today.
Everyday, thousands of pieces of trash reach our oceans through storm drains. We pollute our waters without even knowing about it. How is this happening and how is it possible to change this? It just takes a quick fix.
Since most of our storm drains are just an opening in the streets we drive in, trash people litter from cars and throw on the ground can very easily reach the drain and enter the stream that leads to the sea. Other organic matter, such as dead tree leafs and grass can also enter the storm drains and end up where they don’t belong. How can we stop this? The answer are curb guards.
Curb guards function in the simplest form. They simply act as a barrier on the opening of the storm drains that cause waste to enter them. They are basically a fence, if you will, on the entrance of the drain that can prevent foreign object that are not water, from gaining access.
Most curb guards are made of metal. They can be bolted into the existing cement and easily be installed where they need to be. The installation of these curb guards is very simple and inexpensive for environmentally conscious cities and towns, wanting to protect the ocean. Installation is the most urgent matter for our time. In many urban centers, where central business districts are located, thousands, even millions of people can be passing though the area in one day. That can equal to hundreds of pieces of trash being thrown on the streets, and into storm drains that do not have curb guards. Downtown areas are the most urgently in need of these guards, in order to reduce the pollution from the city centers, to the oceans. By beginning the simple installation of curb guards in the urban places, the pollution can be greatly reduced.
After the urban centers have been retrofitted with curb guards to stop urban to ocean pollution, cities can then begin to extend the installation of curb guards to other neighborhoods in the city, where there is less people and traffic, and less trash susceptible to enter storm drains. These areas might bring up a problem, when the installation of the curb guards might create noise in residential areas. Residents must understand the great impact they will have on their community and world if they simply allow for these guards to be installed in their neighborhoods.
Once curb guards are installed throughout a city, they will have a great impact on the consciousness of the citizens there. People will become curious as to why the storm drains are all wearing a new protective cover and how they might be able to stop ocean pollution. People might even stop littering and causing trash to spread to inappropriate areas.
With curb guards, ocean pollution can be greatly reduced.

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