What Does An Executive Coach Do?

The leap from technician to manager is a strenuous one, without any stepping stones in between. For many, the gap from order taker to order giver can seem insurmountable, but executive coaches are now making the transition easy. The role of an executive coach is to make the transition to management smooth and comfortable for all parties.

When an executive coach is hired, they will teach a new manager the skills vital to their success. Under a good executive coach’s guidance, a manager will learn to negotiate deals, solve problems and motivate their team. These skills are essential to be an effective manager or executive and can be picked up quickly with the proper guidance.

Executive coaches not only teach new skills, but they also serve as a mentor. They’re someone to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm new ones. They can add a new perspective when making tough decisions e.g., hiring a new employee. A coach will usually have a lot of experience as a manager/executive, so their insight and experience ca More info: Executive Coaching Wisconsin

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